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Electronics Repair & Sellers

 Computer, Mobile Sales & Service

Cyber Cafe’s and Information Centres

Sweet, Cake & Bakery Shops

General Shops

Automobile Sellers & Service Centres

Temples & Shrines


Carpenters & Wooden craft sellers

Travel Agencies & Ticket Booking Centres

Beauty Parlours


Hotels, Restaurants & Resorts

Decorators, Caterers & Event Management

Software, Website Developers  & I.T. Service providers

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Tiffin Centres

Match Makers

Interior Decorators & Modular Kitchen Makers

Astrology, Horoscope & Pamists

Medicine Shops

Pathology Labs

Doctors, Clinics & Hospirals

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Institutes, Coaching Centres & Vocational Training Centres

printing press

Printing Press & Graphic Designers

Security Services

Plumbing Services

Schools & Colleges

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Insurance Agents & Investment Advisors

Taatoo Artists & Body Painters

Artists & Painters

Actors, Theaters & Drama Groups

Welding Works & Grill / Gate Makers

Construction Related Enterprises

Antique Shops & Sellers

Rehabilitation Centres

Musical Bands, Groups & Orchestras

Dancers & Dancing Groups

Clubs, Associations, Societies & Communities

security systems

Security Systems, Bio Metric Devices & Other electronic gadget sellers

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Transport & Logistics Companies

Gift Shops & Variety Stores

Plastic Ware & Crockery Sellers

Poultary Farms

Cattle Farms

Agriculture Products

Fish, Meat Sellers

Farmers & Associations

Fruit & Vegetable Sellers


Garment Sellers & Manufacturers

dokra jewellery

Jewellery Sellers & Manufacturers

Handicraft Sellers & Manufacturers

Image result for footwear

Footwear Sellers

Flower Sellers

Image result for handloom businesses

Handloom Enterprises

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AC, Fridge, Washing Machine, etc. Service Centres and Shops

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Magician & Magic Stores 

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Music Stores & Musical Instrument Sellers

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