Instructions for filling up the form :

Thank you for opening your online shop / web portal with us. You are requested to follow the procedure for filling up the form as mentioned.

Necessary documents required :

  1. Trade License / Business Registration Douments
  2. Aadhar card (or valid ID proof of your country or Passport)  
  3. Passport Size Photo

Download the files on your device / computer. The form opens with any PDF viewer, like Acrobat reader, Foxit PDF viewer, or any kind of PDF viewer. Take Print out of the form and terms & conditions (if possible color print). Fill the form clearly, and send it to us along with the documents through postal mail, courier, registered mail or email.

If you are using any kind of SMARTPHONE or TAB you may download any of the above mentioned software from your play store, and if you are accessing from PC / Computer then generally any one of the software is already installed in you system. If not installed, you have to install any of the above mentioned software in order to open the forms.

For scanning from your smart phone, you may download CS Scanner app from your play store. or you may also send us clear pictures of your documents. Please scan the forms and other documents clearly.

In case you are facing any kind of issue please contact us…

Forms :
1 Please read the Terms & Conditions prior to filling up the form. You can also download the file if required. Click Here…
2 Application form for Opening Online Shop / Web Portal Click Here…
3 Application form for Payment Gateway Click Here…
4 Pay Now Click Here…
You are requested to fill up the forms and send it to as per instructions.

Please fill up the Document Despatch Details and submit after despatching the documents.

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